We have known Dawna Borg for over 15 years.  We first met her when she was the “Sellers Agent” for our home.  Immediatelyafter we hired her to sell any and all of our properties over the years.

Dawna is by far the most professional agent you will ever come across.  She cares about all parties involved, both the “Buyer”and the “Seller”.  Ensuring that everyone is comfortable and that all is in order you can rest assured that she leaves no stone unturned.

Dawna is someone to admire by her kindness, honesty and workethic.  Her clients are always placed at the forefront and she takes time out of her own personal life to complete the task.

You will always find Dawna a phone call away and up at all hours of the night working on your real estate needs.

I will always remember Dawna calling us late at night when we were sleeping.  With my cell phone by our bedside, I picked it up to hear her voice full of excitement with the news that more than one offer had come through on our property.  My halfasleep response was that we would talk about it in the morning.  Her real estate sense, experience and guidance and not wanting to lose the momentum got us quickly out of bed….lol.  Her hard work during all hours of the day and late at night got the sale of our property sold in 2 days.

Our family will always hire Dawna Borg for our real estate needs.

Whether you are the “Buyer” or the “Seller” call Dawna Borg and you can rest assured that you are in great hands.

Dawna is kind, caring and genuine.  She always goes above and beyond for her clients.  She will get the job done and I guarantee you will have the best experience!!

We met Dawna through business however she has become a genuine family friend to us.

Thanks Dawna for all that you do!